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A Lazarus Painting

A Lazarus Painting

Like many of my paintings this one has a story. Painted in the summer of 2007, I originally abandoned it to the garbage can. It sat there poking out of the trash for two weeks before one in a series of concerned neighbours finally convinced me to rescue it and rework it into it’s finished form.

Sometimes a painting has a difficult birth, and this one departed so far from my original intent that halfway through I gave up on it.

Subsequently, it was selected by a gallery owner as one of their favourites (it’s also my partner’s favourite piece curiously enough). The piece hung in a notable gallery up in Tobermory for a summer. I was unfortunately not able to make the show, but wish I had! When the piece was shipped back to me I noticed the gallery had placed hanging hardware on it – but apparently it must have been hanging in the gallery upside down because the hardware was on the bottom edge of the frame!

acrylic on canvas
Collection of Terry Zavitz

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