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Posted in Articles on October 7, 2015

UWO Mural Project

In 2013 I was commissioned by the Physics Department at the University of Western Ontario and the Secrets of Radar Museum to create a digital mural for the newly renovated Physics & Astronomy building. The artwork included references to the Large Hadron Collider, and classica ... Continue Reading

Posted in Articles on July 22, 2013

Moods of Huron

Until you’ve lived on the eastern shore of Lake Huron I honestly don’t believe you can truly appreciate the moods that ebb and flow over the water. All of these shots were taken within 100 feet of each other on the same stretch of sandy beach just south of Kincardine, ... Continue Reading

Posted in Articles on July 21, 2013

Fisheyes on the shore of Huron

I was on the shore of Lake Huron this weekend, just south of Kincardine. I took the opportunity to get to know my new $20 fisheye lens filter and shoot some reference photos. The light was amazing and some spectacular clouds rolled in across the lake along with the cooler air. I ... Continue Reading

Posted in Articles on June 17, 2013

Seeing and Connecting in a 10 Percent World

I recently gave a talk at IGNITE Waterloo 12 on the topic of environmental change and how it relates to my artwork. Of all the questions I answer regarding my practice the vast majority fall into one of 3 streams: 1) How do you do that? (i.e. the practical and technical aspects ... Continue Reading

Posted in Articles on May 22, 2013

Gallery Pyrus Group Show

WHERE: Gallery Pyrus, 16 Charles St W, Kitchener WHEN: May 21-April 28 WHAT: Selected works by prominent regional artists An eclectic assortment of artwork on the walls at Café Pyrus. Artists include myself, Chris Austin, Christina Preece and Greg Kirch. I’m showing se ... Continue Reading

Posted in Articles on May 14, 2013

“D-art” Box12 Encore exhibition at Wal ...

WHERE: WalterFedy, 675 Queen St, Kitchener WHEN: PUBLIC OPEN HOUSES May 15,22,29 5-7PM WHAT: 21 BOX12 artists back together for an Encore! Curated by Cherie Fawcett, in-house curator at WalterFedy, this show is an encore presentation of BOX12. See new and old work by 21 local ar ... Continue Reading

Posted in Articles on March 27, 2013

“Physics & flowers”—On the Wall ...

Reception: Wednesday, April 10th, 6-8PM Location: Flourish, 32 Ontario St. N, Kitchener Show runs through May 16th Exploring the intimate connection between the landscapes of the microcosm & deep time Just in time for spring, an exhibit at Flourish Florals inspired by physic ... Continue Reading

Posted in Articles on April 3, 2013

Moniker—Exhibition Series II

Reception: April 11th, 7-11PM Location: Moniker Gallery, 452 Richmond St. W., Toronto Show runs through Apr 18th, Gallery Hours 3-7PM For the first time I am exhibiting in a Toronto Gallery. As part of Moniker Gallery’s Exhbibition Series, 22 artists will be showing at thi ... Continue Reading

Posted in Articles on March 6, 2013

Gallery M—Grand Reopening Exhibition

  Gallery M in Cambridge is re-opening! I’m hanging 7 pieces in the show and looking forward to checking out the fabulous new space. Perimeter Development Corporation has renovated and restored one of Galt’s Main St. Heritage buildings to make the new location ... Continue Reading