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DRUMS OF WAR! is an interactive festival exhibit created for Steel Rails 2017 in Waterloo. In the live performance, two participants play physical drums to drive the graphics, which use the tropes of video games to invite participants to explore concepts and feelings associated with warfare. Satirical political content presented in gameplay intermissions connects the Cold War aesthetics to current politics.

Developed using Adobe Creative Suite, MagicaVoxel, Blender3D and Magic Music Visuals.

DRUMS OF WAR-DEMO from nik harron on Vimeo.


3D Geospatial data courtesy of
Select graphics sourced from
“Toon Cloud” GLSL shader code by Antoine Clappier
Music: “This Nonsense Place” by Josh Penn-Pierson (CC-BY),
“The Very Thin Line” by The Marian Circle Drum Brigade (CC-BY)
Green screen footage by Savvas Karampalis
Fire footage by Daniel Dye

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