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Guelph Lake—this road we’re on.

Guelph Lake—this road we’re on.

Like many of the conservation areas in southwestern Ontario, Guelph Lake is a man-made body of water behind an earthern dam. It is a sad irony that the experience of nature as a recreational destination is mediated through the industrial history of the region. Depicted here at night, the false dawn glow of Guelph’s city lights reflected in the gathering clouds invites us to choose whether our treatment of the landscape is metaphorically a sunrise or sunset.

I don’t know if the road that descends into the water was constructed at the time of the dam as a boat launch, or if it represents a lost highway that pre-dated the inundation. Regardless, it is an apt metaphor for the road that we, as a society, are on. Larger image.

“Guelph Lake—This road we’re on.”
Acrylic on panel
36×36 in


Private collection of Michael Wekerle.

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