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Introducing the “minis”

Along the way many, many people have expressed how much they love the paintings, but also how sad they were that purchasing one remains out of reach. Well, have I got some news for anyone who’s looking for an affordable way to start their original art collection!

I’ve begun a new series of square-foot “mini” paintings. Each painting explores the same themes as the major works, only in miniature.

All of the minis are 12 inches square, and are priced at $150, available with either bare wood or coloured edges, or in bare wood or black float frames for only $50 more.

If, in the future, you want to acquire a larger piece, all “minis” can be traded in their original condition for their full price towards that purchase. How’s that for having your cake and eating it too?

If you’ve always wanted to own original art and have been holding off because art is too expensive, here’s your chance.


Browse the minis here:


"An aerial perspective III" by nik harron             "Cold sky turning over the warm Earth" by nik harron              "Day draws to a close" by nik harron


"As the north turns" by nik harron              "Huron shore" by nik harron              "Fixed point" by nik harron


"Sunrise on the river" by nik harron              "Winter field" by nik harron              "Sky over corn" by nik harron


"Wind in the grass" by nik harron              "Transpiration" by nik harron








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