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Moods of Huron

Until you’ve lived on the eastern shore of Lake Huron I honestly don’t believe you can truly appreciate the moods that ebb and flow over the water. All of these shots were taken within 100 feet of each other on the same stretch of sandy beach just south of Kincardine, Ontario over the past year. The last seven, after the termite labyrinth photo, were taken within a few hours of each other as a cold front blew in in the middle of a summer heatwave. Once the moods of Huron get into your soul, they never let go.

Click on any of the images to embiggen and click through the slideshow.

Spring by nik harron

Lake Huron gold by nik harron

Mayflies over sunset.jpg

Lake Huron stars

Termite labyrinth by nik harron

Sandbar shoreline by nik harron

Rolling front by nik harron

Thunderhead by nik harron

Sunset driftwood by nik harron

Roll cloud by nik harron

Waves over waves by nik harron

Bruce powerplant twilight by nik harron


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