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Requiem for a parking lot at Homer Watson and Bleams.

Requiem for a parking lot at Homer Watson and Bleams.

A depiction of one of the staff parking lots at the site of the former Budd Automotive plant in Kitchener. The land on which it is situated is the source of much debate and consternation in Kitchener. Formerly home to one of the city’s largest industrial employers, the site of a factory demolition is at the heart of an unresolved zoning debate which pits the private needs of industry against a desire for redevelopment as a public park.

While the debate and destruction continues, however, nature has found it’s own way to rehabilitate the site as weeds sprout from the barren tarmac, hinting at an unavoidable deep-time future to come. Larger image.

“Requiem for a parking lot at Homer Watson and Bleams.”
Acrylic on panel
36×36 in


This painting is available for purchase.

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