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That dam river, Rockwood.

That dam river, Rockwood.

Rockwood Conservation Area, located in the village of Rockwood just east of Guelph, is an idyllic microcosm of the majestic north with pines, dramatic cliffs, isolated islands and dark still waters. Far from natural, though, it is another example of a constructed landscape that serves as a proxy for undisturbed nature.

Pictured here is the silted river where the valley widens above the upper dam at the site of the mill ruins. A landscape that before the industrial era would have been the product of an abandoned beaver dam, life continues to find a way to recreate what our brief interruption has obscured. Larger image.

“That dam river, Rockwood.”
Acrylic on panel
36×36 in


This painting is in the private collection of Paul & Deb Sturzbecher.

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