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Introducing The InfinScope, an oversized kaleidoscope experience created for the Night\Shift festival of nocturnal adventure in Kitchener, Ontario.

The InfiniScope is designed to work as a traditional kaleidoscope, with full tilt and swivel motion, or as an interactive experience for two people. When two people peer in each end see each other in such a surreal space, they can’t help but smile. It brings back the joy and wonder of the world you knew when you were a child.

At 4 feet long, with triangular end apertures 11″ on a side, there’s plenty of room to explore photography of the infinite. The base is hydraulically adjustable to accommodate explorers of all ages.

Inspired by the work of UK artist Matt Elson and his “Infinity Boxes” I wanted to bring a similar experience to Kitchener.

InfiniScope_Photographer_2_1200px InfiniScope_Planet_2_1200px


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