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This place is a real hole in the ground. (Elora Quarry)

This place is a real hole in the ground. (Elora Quarry)

Literally a man-made hole in the ground, the beautiful Elora Quarry swimming hole is one of the region’s favourite destinations. A remnant of the industrial era, the stark vertical cliffs contrast against the river that runs not a hundred feet from the abandoned site, and provide a relatively sheltered home for fish, birds and amphibians.

The dark, cool waters cover over the raw violence of the site’s genesis, showing that even a ravaged environment can later be treasured when re-imagined as nature. Larger image.

“This place is a real hole in the ground. (Elora Quarry)”
Acrylic on panel
36×36 in


This painting is in the private collection of Gord Tanner.

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