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“Physics & flowers”—On the Wall exhibit at Flourish

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Reception: Wednesday, April 10th, 6-8PM
Location: Flourish, 32 Ontario St. N, Kitchener
Show runs through May 16th

Exploring the intimate connection between the landscapes of the microcosm & deep time

Just in time for spring, an exhibit at Flourish Florals inspired by physics. Featuring a selection of works from the “Northern Cosmology” series and a piece from the 2001 triptychs, these paintings reflect on the physics underlying beauty in nature and our experience. From quantum theory to geometry and orbital mechanics to cosmology—celebrate the connectedness of everything amongst the delicate scents and sights of one of the region’s most innovative and eco-friendly floral artists.

Admission is free. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Artists’s Statement 

Unlike traditional landscapes, these works represent abstract, diagrammatic explorations of the laws of physics that underlie our reality at all scales—from the heart of the atom to the edge of the known universe.

The often bizarrely counter-intuitive laws and concepts of quantum mechanics—the physics of the small—relate directly to the large-scale structure of the universe simply because at one time our universe was small, leading to a profound similarity in patterns at all scales.

From an infinitesimally small seed our universe has exploded outward in an increasingly complex pattern to the point where it can observe itself through our eyes. In a very real sense, the laws of quantum mechanics put the observer at the heart of reality—how we chose to frame our observations can intimately affect the phenomenon that is being measured.

To hold a landscape in contemplation, even one as vast as the night sky above us, is to feel a spiritual sense of connection to one’s surroundings that can lead to deeply personal, self-reflexive epiphanies which reinforce the complexity of our experience and our inescapable bond with our environment. Guided by our understanding of the physics that underlies reality, we can now trace the connections from the earliest moments through the days of our own brief passage towards a deep time future as the pattern continues to evolve around us and within us.

“Let’s suppose that those cosmologists and astronomers are right who believe that this universe started out with an original big bang, which flung all those galaxies out into space. Well, you know what that would be like. It’d be like taking a bottle of ink and flinging it hard at a white wall, and it makes a great splash. And you know how the nature of a splash is–in the middle of it, it’s dense, and as it gets to the outside of the splash, there’s all kinds of curlicues. But it’s a continuous energy system. In other words, the bang in the beginning cannot really be separated from the little curlicues at the end. So, supposing there was an original cosmic explosion which went FOOM, we sitting around in this room now are little curlicues on the end of it, you see? We are, actually, every one of us is incredibly ancient. The energy which is now manifested as your body is the same energy which was there in the beginning. If anything at all is old, this hand is as old as anything there is. Incredibly ancient. I mean, the energy keeps changing shapes, doing all sorts of things, but there it all is.” —Alan Watts

"Prisoners of gravity" by nik harron

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