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Posted in Interrupted Horizons, Landscapes, Paintings on October 31, 2012

Roos, the idyll of Victoria.

Sadly, for many urban dwellers, the closest they come to nature is their city’s park system. Roos Island, in the heart of Kitchener’s downtown Victoria Park squats beautifully in the middle of dammed Schneider Creek just before it descends below ground into the maw of ... Continue Reading

Posted in Interrupted Horizons, Landscapes, Paintings on September 19, 2012

Hey, what’s the matter Budd?

The Budd Automotive factory, a notable landmark in Kitchener, fell victim to changes in the industrial and economic ecosystem it inhabited. Currently in the process of demolition, the surrounding urban expanse of its parking lots is reverting to nature while the central structure ... Continue Reading

Posted in Articles on January 23, 2012

Way of the Streets

Why I’m participating— an atheist’s perspective on the intersection of faith and art. Currently ArtsVoice London is seeking to engage with artists to participate in a 3-day workshop “Way of the Streets” to create works of public art that address issues ... Continue Reading

Posted in Non-Series, Paintings on January 1, 2010


Outside of my normal style, this painting was created to celebrate the birthday of my close friend Chris McInnis, curator of Über Cool Stuff, a Geek Boutique located in London, Ontario. Considering what a colossal comic geek Chris is, I wanted to create something special to mark ... Continue Reading

Posted in Landscapes, Paintings on January 10, 2009

“trash” in the water.

There is a story associated with this painting. It represents an event that took place late in the summer of 2008 on the shoreline of the Pinery Provincial Park in Southwestern Ontario. As anyone who has visited the shores of Lake Huron knows, the winter storms can wash a substan ... Continue Reading