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Standard Pricing

The guide below details standardized base prices for unframed artwork based on the width and height of the work. Occasionally, a painting may be priced higher due to additional materials costs, which will be noted on the painting’s individual description page. All prices are in Canadian dollars (CAD) and do not include applicable taxes. Payment is required in full before delivery of artwork.

  Base Price 
Commission Pricing
(Custom requests)
12×12 $225 $525
11×14 $240 $540
12×16 $300 $600
16×16 $380 $680
18×18 $500 $800
20×20 $600 $900
12×36 $750 $1050
18×24 $750 $1050
24×24 $900 $1200
18×36 $1075 $1375
22×30 $1050 $1350
24×30 $1150 $1450
24×36 $1250 $1550
30×30 $1250 $1550
24×48 $1300 $1450
36×36 $1400 $1700
30×60 $1800 $2100
48×48 $2300 $2600

*For unlisted sizes, please contact me.

Commission Pricing

Do you like the style, but have a favourite landscape you don’t see depicted or available? I can create a custom piece for you.

Pricing for unframed commissioned works is based on an approximate square foot rate plus a non-refundable $300 commission fee per panel. e.g. a 36x36in painting would be priced at $1700 ($1400 base price + $300 commission fee); a triptych with three panels, each 36x36in, would be $5,100.

Dimensions for commissioned pieces may need to be modified based on the market availability of painting panels. Delivery time or price may be affected if panels have to be custom ordered to accommodate the desired size. For artwork in larger dimensions, please contact for a quote. Please note that larger dimensions may require the piece to be spread over multiple panels.

A non-refundable $300 commission fee (per panel) or a 30% non-refundable deposit (whichever is greater) is required before work commences.

Installment Purchasing

Admittedly, purchasing original artwork is more expensive than purchasing similarly-sized commercial prints. For many, a single payment at the time of purchase may not be feasible. If you are interested in a piece and wish to place it on hold, please contact to arrange a flexible payment schedule to spread the purchase over several installments. Installment payment schedules can be arranged for durations up to one calendar year with flexible intervals. When your final payment has been completed the artwork is yours!  Please note that all installment payments are non-refundable.


For delivery outside the Kitchener-Waterloo Region please contact for a quote. Please note that the purchaser is responsible for insurance and shipping costs on all purchases or exchanges.

Return Policy

All sales are final*

*If you receive a purchased painting and it appears damaged in transit, please do not hesitate to contact.