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Posted in Landscapes, Paintings on May 1, 2013


The dramatic landscape of the upper gorge in the early morning, the cool shade divided from the warm light. “Gorge” Acrylic on panel 36x36in 2013  Larger Image Continue Reading

Posted in Landscapes, Paintings on April 25, 2012

Early Luther marsh light.

The clean white light before dawn illuminates the tannin-rich waters of the waking marsh. “Early Luther marsh light” Acrylic on panel 36 x 36 in 2012 Collection of the artist. Not for sale.  Continue Reading

Posted in Landscapes, Paintings on February 9, 2012

Early Spring field

The cold air is so clear that even at sunrise there is almost no red in the light. The snow is gone but the field still waits for the warmth before it will grow. “Early Spring field” Acrylic on panel 24×24 in 2012 This painting is no longer available.  Continue Reading

Posted in Minis, Paintings on December 6, 2011

Sunrise along the river

Looking east in the early morning on one of Ontario’s slow, broad rivers, the sun breaks between the trees along the valley. “Sunrisealong the river” Acrylic on panel 12 in x 12 in 2011 This painting is in the private collection of Kevin Lee Hansen.     ... Continue Reading

Posted in Landscapes, Paintings on August 12, 2011

Field, full of promise

Up early in the country, on a bright spring morning, watching the sunrise over the field ready for planting. 24x24in acrylic on panel 2011 Private collection of Carol Moogk-Soulis. Continue Reading

Posted in Landscapes, Paintings on March 5, 2010

A Lazarus Painting

Like many of my paintings this one has a story. Painted in the summer of 2007, I originally abandoned it to the garbage can. It sat there poking out of the trash for two weeks before one in a series of concerned neighbours finally convinced me to rescue it and rework it into it&# ... Continue Reading

Posted in Landscapes, Paintings on January 10, 2010

In a sunrise, the ghost of a tree.

Incorporating loosely controlled physical interactions in my painting process means that occasionally accidents completely change the direction of a piece midway through their realization. Initially a source of frustration I have begun to embrace the unexpected and experiment wit ... Continue Reading