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One man’s Trashmore is an everyman’s treasure.

One man’s Trashmore is an everyman’s treasure.

Renamed McClennan Park after the former mayor of Kitchener who envisioned the rebirth of a landfill as an urban park, the more affectionately known “Mt. Trashmore” has become a favourite recreational destination for Kitchener locals. Pictured here from Ottawa St. S, the striking symmetry of the western face of the hill is contrasted against the trails of the stars above, and the urban light pollution below. In a universe where almost everything we see—including ourselves—is made from the recycled material of stellar demise, it is a reminder that as it is in the heavens, so shall it be on the earth.  Larger image.

“One man’s Trashmore is an everyman’s treasure.”
Acrylic on panel
36×36 in


This painting is available for purchase.

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