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Schneider Creek, prison for life.

Schneider Creek, prison for life.

As urban centres develop, nature is often condemned to serve the sentence for its founders’ crimes against the environment.

Schneider Creek, which runs through, above, and below the city is a deeply ambivalent model for a natural rivercourse. At once the jewel of the city’s park system, and it’s hidden shame, the concrete and steel culvert prison which holds it for much of it’s path has been defined for efficiency and not for a free life.

The perfectly flat concrete riverbed holds no niches for life to populate it, and is subsequently barren for most of the year. From park idyll, to storm drain, the creek highlights the best and worst of our relationship to life. Larger image.

“Schneider Creek, prison for life.”
Acrylic on panel
36×36 in


This painting is in the private collection of Noah and Allison Stewart.

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