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One Response to “Way of the Streets”

  1. beachpsalms says:

    Many of us within the faith community would agree that the primary action of Christian discipleship is that of bringing the Kingdom – justice and peace – more fully into existence here and now.

    I’ll be very interested to see what you do with the themes of empty tomb and urban space. There is a theme of suspicion about urban development in scripture; in fact, if you take the opening sections of Genesis as a prologue outlining major themes; the Tower of Babel is the closing story, and invokes judgement against Mesopotamian style walled citadel cities.

    Within the gospels, the cities are strangely absent from the stories of Jesus. No boat trips from the great port at Cesaria Maritima, or healings in Sepphoris, the city being rebuilt just miles from Nazareth. And for all the imagery about the Kingdom as the New Jerusalem, it is described as a garden paradise, not a well planned urban model.

    You might be interested in Saving Paradise, a book which explores the first 1000 years of Christianity through the lens of empty tomb/resurrection art. I’ve got a copy you can borrow, if you like.

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