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1 night. 20 artists. 5 rounds. 38 original works. 1 winner.

I’m competing in this!


After 4 gruelling rounds of heated competition, I am pleased to announce that I placed second, runner up to Meredith Blackmore, the undisputed champion of this year’s The Brush Off. Congratulations to Meredith, THE MUSEUM, all the staff and volunteers and every artist who was brave enough to paint in front of 400 spectators.

My entries for Rounds 1,3 and 4:

"Open" by nik harron. Painted for The Brush Off 2012      "Here" by nik harron. Painted for TheBrushOff 2012      "Swell" by nik harron painted for The Brush Off 2012


20 artists will test their skills through 5 rounds of intense competition. Only you can determine who makes it through each round and is ultimately crowned the night’s champion.


38 original works will be created in front of everyone’s watchful glare. No do-overs. Take a piece from the evening home by placing a winning bid and support THEMUSEUM.


DJ Charless from Starlight will be creating a party atmosphere as guests alternate between well-crafted cocktails and the welcoming dance floor.

love art

Voting, Bidding, & Partying – this is all window dressing for the main draw of artists expressing their intense creativity through original works. This is artistic expression at its most raw.

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