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Zavitz / Jindal Commission is on the wall.

Recently I was commissioned by Zavitz Insurance / Jindal Financial to create a mural-sized painting for their corporate headquarters. The painting is a pentaptych which measures 100 inches by 60 inches, and is based on a smaller painting the company purchased from a recent show.


The painting on location at Zavitz Insurance / Jindal Financial

This was the first time that I’ve ever been asked to paint another version of a previous painting, and the first at this scale based on the painting process that I’ve developed over the last decade. While this painting shares a lot stylistically with the original, the larger scale subtly changed the overall feeling due to the limitations of working with palette knives.

Thank-you to Zavitz and company for the commission. I’m excited to see the work finally find it’s home.

untitled, pentaptych
acrylic on canvas
Collection of Zavitz Insurance / Jindal Financial

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